Friday, September 19, 2008

Football Manager 2006 (PC CD)

Manufacturer's Description
Make the tough decisions to guide your club to success.

Manager/player interaction - Resolve your players' issues such as requesting first-team football, feeling threatened by new signings or demanding a new contract.

Manager negotiations - Negotiate your own contract as well as prioritising wage and transfer budgets with the board.

Player training - A newly developed training module includes simplified schedules, a more manageable coaching system and improved feedback on your players' development.

The football world - With data accurate up to the September 2005 transfer window, you can manage in leagues from over 50 countries and work with up to 270,000 players and staff.

New additions designed to make the game more realistic and more accessible than ever.

New in-game tutorial - Becoming a Football Manager doesn't happen overnight. This new tutorial with help beginners and experienced players at the start of their new careers.

New injury module - Improved physio assessments and new treatment decisions make short term fixes for critical games, or take care of your players' fitness in the long term.

New tactical options - Including Time Wasting and Player Position Swaps.

New tactical tracking - Monitor your opponent's tactical changes via the formation panel in order to counter their changes as the game is played out no need to pause the action.

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